An introduction to the bold & bodacious Burleigh Pottery empire

Burleigh Pottery is an institution here in Stoke-on-Trent. Operating out of the iconic Middleport Potterythe host venue of series one to three of TV’s ‘Great Pottery Showdown’—Burleigh is famed for its handmade floral designs. 

There is a certain magic about Burleigh Pottery, a sprinkling of talent that has sparked an enduring commitment to innovation over the years. 

Here we’re going to take a look at the origins of Burleigh Pottery and dive a little deeper into this legendary ceramics brand. 

Are you ready? Let’s begin. 

Burleigh Pottery: a bit of background 

Founded back in 1851, Burleigh has overcome centuries of change, adversity, struggles and industrial unrest, maintaining its reputation as one of The Potteries’ most legendary (and sought after) ceramics manufacturers. 

The brand (or Burgess and Leigh as it was first known), has operated at Middleport Pottery since 1891. From this amenable canalside hub Burleigh Blossomed, using cutting-edge techniques to forge designs, pieces, and patterns that still stand proud in homes and business fronts the world over. 

One of the key aspects of Burleigh’s enduring success is its talent for adapting to the ever-changing landscape around it, changing its direction to make the most of available resources while meeting the needs of its customers and maintaining its authenticity. No easy feat for any potter. 

Burleigh was the last ceramics manufacturer of its kind to transfer printware with tissue paper, and while plenty of its processes have changed, the brand still uses a mix of the creative techniques it pioneered over 100 years ago. 

To continue making its carefully-crafted and ever-growing range of pottery items, Burleigh earned a £9 million investment in Middleport Pottery from the Prince’s Regeneration Trust.  

Since opening its doors to the public, its in-house factory shop has welcomed keen pottery lovers from all around the globe, with Japanese tourists being among the biggest fans. 

Burleigh also sells its pottery to British icons including Harrods and Fortnum and Mason, as well as international department stores, hotels and restaurants pretty much anywhere you can imagine. Impressive, wouldn’t you agree? 

Things you probably didn’t know about Burleigh 

Now that you know a little bit about Burleigh Pottery and its story, here are a few facts that might surprise you: 

  • Middleport Pottery, Burleigh’s HQ, is home to ClayCollege Stoke: a creative educational centre dedicated to mentoring, teaching, and nurturing the ceramics & pottery talent of the future. 
  • Every single piece of original Burleigh pottery is hand finished by an in-house expert. Several hands are involved in making just one item of Burleigh ceramics. 
  • The copper rollers that help add unique detail to many pieces of Pottery have also been painstakingly engraved by hand. 

What’s going on? Breaking Burleigh Pottery news 

Did you know? It’s Burleigh’s 170th anniversary this year (wow). To celebrate this colossal achievement, the brand has crafted a series of commemorative products to tell its story—eye-catching creations including Royal tableware, items sporting its regal blue peacock pattern, and an engraved pen. 

In conjunction with Middleport Pottery, Burleigh is also looking to add a mix of events and workshops to its calendar over the next few months. You can also take an interactive virtual tour of the factory shop. 

Keep up to date with the latest products, events, and news by following the official Burleigh Pottery blog. 

Our top three Burleigh Pottery picks 

With so many inspiring Burleigh Pottery creations in existence, picking our three best items would be, well, nigh on impossible. 

But, here are three Burleigh creations that have caught our collective eyes recently (prepare to be dazzled): 

1. Blue Arden Cow Creamer 

Image courtesy of Burleigh Pottery 

Clad in the brand’s alluring floral Blue Arden pattern, this cow-shaped milk dispenser and creamer will make a welcome addition to any homely kitchen. 

2. Black Regal Peacock Open Veg Dish 

Image courtesy of Burleigh Pottery 

Burleigh’s Black Regal print is one of its most contemporary and radical designs. This stunning vegetable dish not only looks incredible, but will become a pivotal part of many mealtime memories. 

3. Ink Blue Pollen Plate 26.5cm 

Image courtesy of Burleigh Pottery 

Minimal yet irresistible, sparse yet intricate, Burleigh’s Ink Blue Pollen range is a celebration of bees as well as art. These plates will turn heads at any dinner party, a worthwhile investment for any true ceramics enthusiast. 

“It’s OK to remember our heritage, to celebrate what we still have, and even shout about it.”— Jemma Baskeyfield, Burleigh’s Retail Manager and Company Historian 

How to get there… 

If you’ve been inspired to visit to the Burleigh Factory Shop and learn more about the brand, here are some contact details you might find helpful: 


Middleport Pottery 

Port Street 



ST6 3PE 

Tel: +44 (0)1782 499766