An introduction to the iconic & ever-sturdy Steelite International 

Steelite International is  Stoke-on-Trent ceramics juggernaut—supplying its award-winning tableware to 140 countries around the globe. 

This Burslem-based pottery outfit is a force to be reckoned with and even if you don’t know much about the brand, it’s likely you’ve eaten from a Steelite plate or sipped from a Steelite cup without knowing it. 

An enduring and forward-thinking pottery empire, Steelite is a brand that any ceramics enthusiast should know about. And fortunately, we’re going to tell you a bit about them. 

Let’s go. 

Steelite International: a bit of background 

Steelite is a ceramics brand born from another iconic Staffordshire pottery name, Royal Doulton. In 1983, local ceramics visionary David Edward Dunn Johnson bought the hotelware division of Royal Doulton to build the Steelite empire. 

Using  a dash of Royal Doulton’s ceramics resources and talents, Steelite used its prime canalside location as a  creative hub, producing some of The Potteries’ most established (and popular) hotel and tableware ranges. 

Soon after Steelite’s operation started, it picked up serious momentum. In a few short decades, Steelite pushed its way to the head of the hospitality production pack.  

In fact, Steelite makes and supplies its unique hotel and tableware to the likes of  the Four Seasons, Hilton Hotels, the Emirates Stadium, the O2 Arena, and onboard the mighty Queen Victoria ocean liner, among many other notable establishments. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree? 

What’s going on? Steelite International Pottery news 

As a true pottery pioneer, Steelite has usually got something interesting cooking up in its kilns, whether it’s an exciting new product or a new factory innovation. 

While many of Steelite’s secrets and forthcoming innovations remain sealed in the vault, we can announce that the brand has launched its official #SteeliteExperience—which includes an exciting virtual factory tour. 

In addition to the Steelite Experience, not long ago the brand also launched a head-turning summer range of various ceramics creations, including Scandinavian-inspired products and crisp Performance Whiteware. 

For the latest news, updates, and events, visit the official Steelite company blog. 

Did you know? Steelite is an eco-conscious ceramics manufacturer and has a detailed environmental policy in place to ensure its practices are as green as possible. 

Our top three Steelite International picks 

With so many jaw-dropping Steelite International creations in existence, making a firm commitment to our three favourite items would be, well, near enough impossible. 

But, we like to shine a light on quality here at Ceramics confidential, so here are three Steelite creations that have caught our collective peepers in recent months (prepare to be dazzled): 

1. Potters Collection Coupe Dish 

Image courtesy of Steelite International 

A striking product from Steelite’s iconic Potter’s Collection, this multi-functional coupe dish is not only durable and practical but has been crafted, lovingly, with legendary ceramics artist Rob Gordon’s naturalistic porcelain. An alluring design that will stand out on any table top and add a dash of flair to every dining occasion. 

2. Hot Cha Cha Oval Platter 

Image courtesy of Steelite International 

A glistening gem within Steelite’s vibrant Mediterranean-inspired Hot Cha Cha collection, this oval shaped platter provides all the best elements of a traditional dining experience with a stunning contemporary twist. Rugged lines and sun-kissed colours bounce off the high-quality porcelain to light up the room and spice up gatherings, parties, and special occasions. Wow. 

3. Puebla Acapulco Mug 

Image courtesy of Steelite International 

A space where old meets new, Steelite’s standout Puebela exudes traditional Mexican charm for an intimate and reflective ceramics experience. Each item is carefully clad with a one-of-a-kind floral design that bounces of the crisp, white ceramic backdrop. This sturdy yet stylish mug is no exception, and is the perfect companion for whiling away a lazy afternoon with a brew or two. 

How to get there… 

If you’ve been inspired to pay Steelite International a visit or get in touch to ask any burning pottery questions, here are some contact details you might find useful. 


Orme Street,  




ST6 3RB 

Tel: +44 (0)1782 821000